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Alex is imbued with only the highest standards and dedication that are key to successful training at the White Room. Having been a Personal Fitness Instructor for 10 years he has a wealth of experience in customised training regimes, fat reduction, injury rehabilitation, weight management, core stability, strength, nutritional planning and preparation for short or long distance running. He has worked with all types of clients from professional athletes, to pre and post natal mothers to post operation older adults. Testimony to Alex's success is his long list of clients who have trained with him for many years, and plan to do so for many more in the future.
Having obtained a diploma in injury and remedial rehabilitation, Alex has a vast knowledge of dealing with all age groups and injuries that range from sports to post operation knee or hip injuries and slipped discs. All injury rehabilitation is designed with intelligent progression that gets you back to full fitness and mobility. See more on Alex


Diane has been teaching Pilates since 2005, having gained her qualifications with Body Control Pilates. She is trained to teach mat work & all studio equipment such as reformer and tower at advanced level, and is qualified to teach sufferers of osteoporosis. She has worked with physiotherapists and osteopaths, gaining an invaluable insight of the human body's bio-mechanics. Having come from an investment banking background (she holds an MA in International Finance), she found practising Pilates invaluable to balance body and mind in a highly stressful trading job.
Diane strongly believes that what is achieved in the studio will help in our daily life. Whether our jobs mean sitting at a desk, standing on a stage or climbing mountains, Pilates will strengthen, support & correct movements to become more fluid and natural. Pilates can also be an extremely useful tool for relaxation, and training can be tailored to release stress as well as being dynamic – each session is tailored to the ever changing needs of the individual. See more on Pilates


Elizabeth believes that simple changes can make an enormous difference to people’s physical & mental health, and with proper guidance you will achieve a fuller, more rewarding life. She practised Martial Arts for 18 years including Taekwondo, Win Chung, Hapkido and Boxing, and competed at International level with her own personal trainer & coach. The discipline and consistency she required for her own sports, she now combines with an infectious enthusiasm and energy to encourage clients to reach their own goals. You will feel both fitter, and more positive after your sessions.
With a keen eye for detail, Elizabeth ensures her programmes are based on quality rather than quantity, and will design courses for weight loss, strength, conditioning, toning, core stability, injury rehabilitation, posture & cardio. Although brought up in the balmy climate of Grand Canary, Elizabeth is a keen skier and can also provide ski specific training before you head off for the icy slopes.  


Tom has over 8 years’ experience working within the fitness industry in both civilian and military environments. He served with the British Army for 6 years, having been deployed to Afghanistan and Jordan. One of his main roles in the UK was as a Physical Training Instructor of daily fitness sessions for small to large groups using innovative ideas to keep classes challenging & enjoyable. He also worked closely with soldiers recovering from operational, sporting and long term injuries on a one to one basis. Since leaving the military Tom spent 6 months playing rugby for Belmont Shore RFC in Long Beach, California also acting as the Club’s Strength & Conditioning coach.
Having worked with elite athletes as well as people with extremely restricting injuries, Tom has a unique ability to motivate clients of all abilities and ages to reach their goals.He has diplomas in Fitness Instructing, Personal Training and exercise referral. 



John has over 6 years of experience in the fitness industry working with a vast array of clientele of all different ages and abilities, to achieve the best results for a range of different goals from half-ironman triathlons, to rehab from major injury, to bride’s wedding preparations & female toning. He pays particular attention to quality of movement & injury prevention as key building blocks for long term improvement in your fitness & shape. With meticulous planning John will improve your strength and stamina, and provide nutritional advice for weight loss programs. He has also coached many clients to personal bests in triathlons, marathons & tough mudders.
With a friendly and personable approach, coupled with a military background, you can expect only the very best attention to detail, dedication and motivation. Interesting, varied and focused sessions coupled with enormous encouragement will ensure you get the maximum fitness benefits.


Alison is a Pilates instructor hailing from Asia, but who now calls London home. She has been practising Pilates for over 20 years. Growing up being a track and field competitor and a ballet scholar, Alison has always had a keen interest in kinesiology and fitness. Pilates has always been a part of her life to help deal with any injuries and to maintain good spinal and core fitness. She is also a qualified ballet teacher registered with the Royal Academy of Dance. After a career in finance, she embarked on her passion as a Pilates instructor.  
Having had a baby daughter recently, Alison strongly attests to the benefits of pre-natal Pilates to prepare for delivery and maintaining a healthy back during pregnancy. She used post-natal Pilates to help regain fitness and get back into shape quickly after having her baby. Alison aims to challenge & motivate her clients to keep them active with a healthy back & core; she is also qualified for pre & post natal, plus bone health programmes.  



Jack drives for results and believes with hard work, perseverance and a positive mind-set, you can and will accomplish any goal you set your mind to. Fitness is not the first passion for Jack, this lies with music. However due to his military background, fitness along with music has become his two passions in life, thus pushing him to gain the qualification as a Physical Training Instructor along with various PT qualifications. His mentality and overall dedication to the industry has seen him train a variety of clients ranging from National Physique Competitors, West End leading ladies, to people who share his passion and want a healthy lifestyle. His aim through HIIT, form focused and functional based training styles provides inspiration and empowerment to the individual in order to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.
Jack’s creative approach will achieve results through fun, dynamic yet sweaty workouts at our outdoor fitness classes. See more on outdoor fitness classes.



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