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Biological Individuality

When it comes to the one size fits all recommendation of medicine and nutrition, remember the old adage, what benefits one person may be another's poison. Understanding the concept of biological individuality gives you a unique way to look at healthcare.

Functional Medicine testing verifies the concept of biological individuality. It sees that no two people, even if they have the same disease or condition, are alike - different people have different causes for the same exact health condition.

Since everyone is different, we need a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of evaluating each individual's physiological biochemical function. Unlike traditional medical testing that evaluates “end-point” disease, the strength of functional medicine tests lies in the fact that not only can it aid you in the detection of aberrant physiological processes but is a powerful way to help you identify pre-clinical disease entities before the disease becomes symptomatic.

This makes Functional Diagnostic Medicine not only great for early detection but unique as “real” Preventive Medicine. While most traditional and alternative health professionals claim to help symptoms with vitamins, herbs and prescriptive agents, practitioners of the Functional Medicine model are working on a different diagnosis platform. They understand that merely treating the outward expression of disease does not get to the heart of the health condition in the way that Functional Medicine does.     

Functional Medicine may not be the sole answer to all patients’ problems, all of whom have physiological, biochemical and metabolic abnormalities that are weakening and predisposing them to disease. However by correcting these issues through Functional Medicine, you get directly to a major cause of their disease, and in doing so, improve not just the complaint but all other areas of health.