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Details of Analysis

If a patient-specific, scientific analysis is your goal, then what is the next action step? Clearly, prescription of a patient-specific therapeutic regimen must be dependent upon a comprehensive evaluation of that patient. Furthermore, the patient evaluation must be achieved via objective testing procedures.
The field of Functional Diagnostic Medicine offers an analytical system by which to achieve a comprehensive patient evaluation. That system is based upon objective clinical data. The data is derived from a number of different criteria:

1. Tests of vital signs and neuro-endocrine reflexes.

2. Comprehensive unique patient questioning

3. First line physical diagnostic testing

4. Urine and saliva chemistries.

5. Evaluation of clinical and sub-clinical blood tests

6. Stool Tests

7. Evaluation of emotional and environmental issues

8. Careful evaluation of the hormonal system

9. Measurement of the patient’s toxic load

After years of clinical testing, patterns of aberrant test results have been identified allowing the practitioner the unique opportunity to zero in on the underlying physiological, biochemical and metabolic abnormalities associated with a multitude of disease entities.