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I Don’t Do Gyms

We have many clients who came to us because they “don’t do” gyms.
If you fall into this bracket... White Room is your answer.

Many common reasons for not enjoying other gyms or personal trainers are: they are too busy and crowded, you can’t get a machine you want or get it for longer than 15 minutes, you don’t feel confident about what you are doing and you are not keen to ask for help, the environment isn’t right for you, too many macho body builders or lycra clad posers, you dislike communal changing rooms, they never seem clean, equipment is covered in sweat. The list is long and varied - but believe us we understand and we took it all into consideration when designing White Room.

The minute you talk to us at White Room or come for a look, you’ll realise that our gym is not like anything else you’ve ever seen.  

It is your exclusive private gym, away from everyone, with a dedicated fitness expert just for you. After each work out, freshen up in a luxury, private shower room – you get one all to yourself.

If you think you’re not the right shape, you soon will be with professional advice, encouragement and masses of praise for your effort. Over the course of your programme we will work with you on your goals and we assure you that you will quickly see a big difference.

Say goodbye to the noise, sweat and crowds of all the other gyms.
Say hello to an immaculate modern space and your dedicated Personal Trainer.
Say hello to White Room – you’ll love it.