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What Clients Say

Most new customers come to us through personal recommendation, but if you have found us and don’t know anyone who can personally vouch for our services... read some of our clients comments below. You can also talk to us and our friends on Facebook if you want more.

I started training at The White Room with Alex in May on a 9 week program; I wanted to get some structure to my fitness training as I never pushed myself running on my own. I trained twice a week with Alex and within 3 weeks I noticed that I was already much fitter and stronger while running my 5 km (I knocked 5 minutes off my 5 km time in 4 weeks!).

I was also feeling healthier in a short period of time. After the 9 weeks was up I couldn’t give up training with Alex as it makes me feel so good and pushes me to achieve a pb each time I train in the gym or on the street running.

I am currently on a 6 months program twice a week and will be going for another 6 months once this is up as my health, fitness and stress levels have never been better.

I love running and as my job requires a lot of travel, my running shoes come wherever I go and I can train at any time. But I was stuck in a bit of a rut and didn’t do anything other than run. Training at White Room over the past 6 months has improved my running by adding in core strength exercises, giving me a better body shape, more strength in my upper body which has really helped my running form. I really enjoy the expert advice and the nutritional conversation with my trainer... and I don’t want to let him down...so it’s really encouraging me to keep up the hard work!

At the age of 55 I decided it was time to take action against my ever increasing belly. When I started training with Alex at the end of June 2012 I weighed 13st 7lb and my body fat was 31%, waist size was probably over 36”. At the end of the 9 week introductory session I was down to 12st 10lb, 22% body fat and my waist size had reduced. I decided to carry on with the 6 month programme as I really enjoy the sessions, and am now leaner, stronger and fitter than I have been for a long time.

At this point in time, 5 weeks into the new programme, I have lost just over one stone and am down to 34” waist and can even wear an old belt which before the Alex’s guidance I could not even fasten.

I can highly recommend the personal training programmes at The White Room.