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Gym & Personal Trainer Victoria London

This luxury gym is located in the exclusive surroundings of London's Belgravia moments away from the Victoria station, with excellent transport links around London.

Our spacious bi-level studio has been designed to stimulate, motivate and increase the Redcarnationgym 160913 satisfaction of working out and to help you achieve your fitness goals. Each client receives bespoke personal trainer programs that will help you attain goals which you would not achieve at any other London Gym.

Our facilities are truly state of the art and we offer a complete luxury gym experience. On arrival you’ll be taken to your own personal limestone luxury shower room with interior touch control music and radio systems.

You reserve specific hourly slots in which to conduct your personal trainer sessions whilst there is a maximum of two clients in the White Room gym at any one time.

We provide personal trainer services all age groups including personal trainer services for seniors, both men and women. Our luxurious facilities help you to achieve significant health and fitness improvements, even for those with a busy schedule.