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The best way to lose weight: Cardio or Resistance/Weight training?
13 May 2017

Many people seeking professional guidance in fitness WeightLossAare looking to lose weight. Often this pre-occupation with what shows on your bathroom scales misleads people into believing that in order to "look a certain way" they need to drop X amount of pounds/kilos. However the danger here is that the individual happily wastes away their muscle mass as well, sacrificing a vital component of their metabolism. The individual in question then packs on the same amount of weight over a Christmas or holiday period not realising that they are worse off, since they have got more fat because they have less muscle.

Another piece of misinformation is that resistance or weight training should be avoided on the journey to reach your desired shape and be replaced by cardio. This is nonsense, because muscle directly influences your metabolism and improves your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) - the minimum amount of calories it takes to run your body in a sedentary state. In addition cardio only burns calories during the activity plus maybe a few hours afterwards, whilst resistance or weight training has been proven to boost the metabolism for up to 36 hours! In order to get anywhere near the same results from your cardio, you would have to do it for a VERY LONG TIME at a specific heart rate; the people that can manage this are not typically concerned with fat loss anyway.WeightLossB

The only way to get close to the benefits experienced by resistance or weight training is through sprinting, or very high intensity sessions - which most people will find very difficult to complete. If you train this way, you are just making a smaller version of yourself, as opposed to the potential reshaping of the body you get through resistance or weight training.

Now of course there are many benefits from cardio and we recommend it highly as part of your exercise programme.  However it should be practised in conjunction with resistance or weight training for which one of the ideal pieces of gym equipment is the White Room kinesis machine (see image). By combining the two, not only do you maximise health benefits, but at the same time you will get that toned and shapely look that you long for.

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13 May 2017


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