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Pre and Post Natal Pilates
14 May 2017

I returned to teaching on the day my daughter turnedPrePostNatalPilatesA 7 months old. I was lucky not to have any major health issues during pregnancy. My delivery was fairly smooth and quick which I attribute to staying active – with my weekly 1:1 Pilates sessions and lots of walking. That being said every “body” is different, every baby is different, so each pregnancy is likely to be different too!   

Pilates was a great way to keep my spine mobile during pregnancy and prepare for labour. Whilst nothing really prepares one for motherhood, it did help keep me strong enough to carry the little one around and all the associated things like strollers,baby change bags, car seats etc. One never quite realises how many things come along with a baby! Post-natal Pilates was also a great way to get myself back into shape. 

Pilates helps to maintain the flexibility in the spine and joints. It also works deep postural muscles to stabilise the body. All this is so important during pregnancy as the body changes with the additional weight of the baby and the strong postural muscles will help prevent back issues. I also found the focus on the use of breath during the movements helped me during the delivery. Joseph Pilates said "Breathing is the first act of life and the last. Our very life depends on it..." In Pilates, breathing is used to aid the movement so there is a flow and grace in all the exercises performed. This focus on the breath helped me keep as calm as possible during the delivery as well as assist with the contractions. PrePostNatalPilatesB

Exercises that focused on the pelvic floor release assisted tremendously with my delivery. With post-natal Pilates, pelvic floor strengthening exercises helped with my recovery. A good teacher will also ensure exercises to assist with closing the distasis recti (separation of the two sides of the recti abdominis muscle) post pregnancy. It is vital to have an instructor like myself who is qualified for pre & post-natal Pilates as incorrect exercises can increase the distasis recti

Having a baby is a life changing experience. It is an exhausting, invigorating and emotional experience, but at the same time one that I am thankful for and another life event that Pilates has helped me through. So whether you are looking for a session just to tone up, or if you are looking to stay active during your pregnancy or if you have just had your little bundle of joy - I look forward to seeing you in the White Room Fitness Pilates Studio.

15 May 2017


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