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Self Defence with Elizabeth - White Room Fitness

Self-defense consists mainly of knowing when to defend oneself and when to attack. Taekwondo is use of the feet and hands generally with kicks and strikes, and Hapkido is an emphasis on deflecting an opponent's attacks instead of forceful blocking. I have found that both are very different, but as well as for self-defence they also have enormous fitness, physical and spiritual benefits.

Include Self Defence in training routine 
If a client is interested, I can easily incorporate self-defence into my training sessions, by utilising just 15 minutes of a session so that my clients’ other fitness goals are not compromised, and normally I would do this at the end. Training consists of a series of exercises that help your agility, balance, confidence and the conditioning of your body. I will guide you through a sequence of body motions designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility and awareness and to learn the best moves for evasive action in certain circumstances. A focus on correct body strength and breathing techniques improves the beneficial effects of each technique and will leave you in shape, toned and renewed.

I will target different muscle groups like core musculature, lower back and hamstrings to enhance your ability to stand up and not falter against a blow by an opponent, as well as protocols to sharpen your reflexes and improve your speed of reaction.  Resistance bands and pad-work will be practised in every mini-session and utilising the skills of Taekwondo, your strikes will become increasingly confident and precise. 

Be safe