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What sets us apart from other gyms?

We believe it’s the combination of people and place.

The place is White Room, which is simply one of London’s best private gyms and you will realise this from the minute you step inside. It is a place of space and no clutter, clean and spotless equipment, safety and rigorous standards, along with energy and passion for excellent training.

Our dedicated, professional trainers, working side by side with you through every minute of your personal training session, are there to create your own particular plan that will develop and progress as you work through your programme. During week after week of training they will ensure that you have the unique and dedicated coaching that will improve every aspect of your individual body, shape, and overall health and fitness. With White Room you won’t get left to your own devices but will be watched, coached and encouraged through every minute of your important fitness hour.

If you are looking for total privacy, look no further. From our secluded location in Belgravia, we offer you a private parking space, a personal shower room and your own private training session. 

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