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Improving your fitness off horse pays benefits when in the saddle, and we know the right muscles to target

Off horse fitness or cross training will boost your performance as a horse rider; it helps with your alignment, posture and accurate movement patterns which will aid you in overcoming your riding issues and enable you to achieve your riding goals.

Off horse training is a necessity, as riding alone is not enough to get or keep you fit for the sport of Polo. When riding, one of your many objectives is to attain the art of symmetry which requires great effort as riding naturally builds asymmetrical strength due to the muscles that have been engaged. Consequently, this results in tightness in the body or a strain injury either of which will restrict your movement and make it difficult to cue and control your horse.

Training in between your matches allows you to use all of your muscles rather than stressing the targeted few, thus reducing the chance of tightness and risk of strain. This off-horse time improves your ability to realize and absorb the motion of your horse; it helps to create balance, flexibility, muscle memory, body awareness, core strength and cardio vascular endurance for when you need the energy to sustain a tough polo match.

Working on yourself out of the saddle encourages you to take the time you need to reset your body’s muscle memory patterns and sense of ‘straight’ - you achieve the right tools and skills to assist your horse.

Our polo programmes include:

Initial assessment - more...

Posture, alignment, fitness evaluation - The initial assessment of fitness levels, posture and postural alignment will give our trainers a point of reference that will provide a yardstick to measure future progress. 

Programme design - more...

After the assessment, a programme will be designed to meet your needs and targets, this programme is designed specifically to meet your needs and fitness levels.

Re-analysis at 6 weeks - more...

After 6 weeks of consistent training you will not believe how different you feel and look. However in order to keep you progressing, a re-analysis of the programme will be undertaken and minor changes will be made to make sure you continue to get fitter, stronger and better.

Personal training sessions - more...

We ask our clients to commit to a minimum of 2 times a week to make sure they see the full benefit of training at the White Room; increasing training to 3 times a week will accelerate the benefits, leaving you with a fitter, stronger and more functional body than ever before.

Core strength exercises - more...

Strengthening the ‘core muscles' of the abdominals,  glutes and lower back muscles is one of the best ways to improve performance. By keeping these muscles strong your balance is greatly improved making riding and moving on the horse so much easier.

Strength and conditioning plus flexibility - more...

Using intelligent resistance training, condition the body and muscles to be stronger and gain flexibility through using a full range of movement and specific stretches tailored to your needs and to target any areas of particular stiffness.