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New 'Fit for Pregnancy' and 'Post Natal Shape Up' courses

The most important event in most women’s’ lives is becoming a mother. Every pregnancy is unique and preparation is important. Nine months of pregnancy is your preparation period for labour, but you should invest time in the gym even before this period starts, since that will make an enormous difference. So if you are planning to have a child, give your body time to get fit for the strain before you get pregnant with our ‘Fit For Pregnancy’ programme.

White Room has a unique programme for pregnancy, so that women will feel healthy, strong and energetic, and most importantly regain their figure speedily and naturally after child birth.

There is lots of information on how great exercise is for women during pregnancy, but there are no real facts on the type or amount that will enable you to stay fit and recover rapidly. The White Room’s revolutionary new ‘Fit  For Pregnancy’ programme will take all this worry away, and help to overcome  the many obstacles that prevent a  pregnant women from maintaining her exercise such as morning sickness, food cravings, back pain, whilst also keeping weight gain within normal ranges.

We have worked with a number of mothers who have achieved amazing results with our ‘Fit For Pregnancy’ exercise programme; it is tried and tested with a proven track record. We tailor every individual course to match each person, and to ensure you exercise safely we use a heart rate monitor. We will keep you strong, energetic and confident.

After the birth of your child, we aim to restore your energy and improve your shape to be better than it has ever been before with our ‘Post Natal Shape Up’ programme.

Having kids is not a precise science, and we know that the best made plans often need to change along the way. So we have built a bit of extra flexibility into our special 9 month ‘Fit For Pregnancy’ programme. Once this is booked we will either:
1) Extend your 9 month ‘Fit For Pregnancy’ programme by adding extra sessions on a weekly basis on a simple pro rata cost until near to child birth, OR

2) Cut short your 9 month ‘Fit For Pregnancy’ programme and credit you with the unused sessions for use on our 3 month ‘Post Natal Shape Up’ course after child birth.

Our new 'Fit For Pregnancy' and 'Post Natal shape Up' programmes include:

Full bio mechanical assessment - more...

By studying the way you move and perform exercises, small changes can be made to make you function correctly during the pre or post natal stage, and any areas of weakness are identified and strengthened.

Endurance training - more...

By increasing endurance training, your body will be ready for the physical challenges that lie ahead, making the transition from pre natal to post natal easier and less complicated.

Flexibility - more...

By using a full range of motion with resistance exercises and following a personally devised stretching programme, tight muscles and aches due to poor flexibility can be a thing of the past, whilst improving posture at the same time.

Strength training - more...

Sensible strength training raises your resting metabolic rate - the amount of calories your body burns at rest; this is essential to make sure body fat is eliminated in the long term, which is vital to rid any unwanted pounds after pregnancy. Strength training in the pre natal phase can build a strong lower back and abdominal muscles, which will really help from  start to finish during the pregnancy.

Body sculpting & shape recovery - more...

After pregnancy post natal training is very important for getting your desired shape back; our instructors will ensure you reach your target with intelligent, progressive training.

Core training - more...

Building a strong core is more than having a flat stomach, having core strength can keep back injuries away and increase performance by having a strong structure. Of course fat reduction plus core exercises will result in more defined abdominals, which is a bonus. By continuing core training pre and post natal, you are giving your body the best possible chance to have an easy pregnancy and better recovery.

Dietary advice - more...

After consulting with a White Room personal trainer, sensible guidelines on diet will be devised for you so that you have the extra energy as a platform to achieve your goals.