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This is a specific programme for men or women lasting 7 to 12 weeks when clients undergo an intense course of training to achieve a complete change in appearance & health. It is founded upon a detailed, combined regime of exercise & nutrition, which has been scientifically proven to get results. Clients who train a minimum of three times per week and adhere diligently to the strict tailor-made criteria laid out by their White Room Fitness trainer will see a dramatic transformation.  

Get going
Your first session will include an initial Functional Movement Screen to highlight any need for adaptation of exercises, plus advice on realistic expectations of goals. Initial pictures will be taken as a private reference for later comparison; skin fold measurements will be recorded and regularly checked during the programme to monitor progress. You will be sent a personalised nutrition plan with a selection of meal choice options – clients can be directed to meal delivery companies who will prepare food according to your specific calorie and macro-nutrient targets.

You will have a total of 36x 1 hour sessions of Personal one-to-one training at our luxury gym. We will schedule your appointments to times that fit into your routine at the intensity that suits you. Clients will normally train 4x per week or 3x per week and complete their Course within 9 to 12 weeks. However for those who can train 6x or 5x per week, your transformation can be achieved in 6 to 7 weeks. Emphasis is on resistance training, the most beneficial for body composition; every session is individually designed & continuously fine-tuned according to your progress.

To get the changes you want within the limited period of 7-12 weeks needs strict adherence to nutrition and training. The end result is down to you and total commitment is vital, but we will be with you every step of the way. It is often the case that the lower your starting point (poor fitness, terrible body composition) the better the results. Typically clients will want to achieve fat/weight loss whilst gaining definition, toning and muscle; however the programme is also suitable for naturally thin clients to increase lean muscle and shed pockets of fat. 

Our Transformation programme includes:

Fat/Weight loss and muscle gain - more...

Intelligent training integrated with our nutrition plan will ensure steady and sustainable fat loss along with an increase in strength, confidence and wellbeing.

Mobility and flexibility - more...

Posture and flexibility will be dramatically improved, making everyday activities easier and making those aches and pains a thing of the past.

Core strength - more...

By combining our exercise & nutrition plans, you will build a strong core and achieve more defined abdominals and a flat stomach.

Strength & conditioning plus flexibility - more...

Resistance training conditions the body and muscles to be stronger as well as gaining flexibility through using a full range of movement tailored to your needs.

Number of sessions - more...

36 x 1 hour sessions of Personal Training on a one-to-one basis are included

Nutrition - more...

You are given a tailor-made Nutrition Plan with a choice of meal options

Progress reports - more...

Your progress will be measured regularly to monitor improvements