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We have adapted our gym environment to be as safe as possible during the pandemic and have recently made some changes to account for the latest Omicron variant.

We have always had high standards of hygiene to which we are now adding extra precautions & extra flexibility for bookings, as well as Zoom and outdoor training options.


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Extra precautions and flexibility

Given the current prevalence and spread of the Omicron variant, it is sensible to assume that during December and January a significant number of Londoners will either catch it or know someone who catches it. This is bound to be disruptive. However although we know our clients wish to train, some may be wary of committing to do so during this period. We have therefore undertaken the following measures which we believe deals with any uncertainties in a fair and practical way, whilst continuing to be mindful of the need to maintain strict protocols for clients’ safety.

Extra precautions

Our Trainers will wear masks.

Our Trainers will have lateral flow tests on a daily basis.

We have a range of windows and doors which will be opened periodically to allow fresh air at regular intervals.

All Covid hygiene protocols will continue

Extra flexibility – December & January

No charge for late cancellations - minimum notice only 1 hour.

We know that many clients are having to change plans at short notice either due to their own Covid infections or symptoms, or due to those they have had recent contact with. Accordingly, provided you tell us up to an hour before an appointment that your session is not possible due to Covid symptoms or Covid contact, we shall assume the cancellation is in good faith and will make no charge for an unused session.

If you feel well enough to train, but are obliged to avoid contact at the gym due to Government protocols, we shall automatically offer you a Zoom session at the same time as your appointment (provided a minimum of 1 hour’s notice).

Train outside or via Zoom

We continue to offer outdoor training at Belgrave Square Gardens – a beautiful and spacious square only 5 minutes’ walk from our gym.

We will offer Zoom sessions throughout December and January to anyone who feels more comfortable training at home.