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Fitness in the Community - Belgravia and Mayfair

FitInCommLogoSmallIn partnership with Grosvenor, we are running regular fitness and pilates classes in convenient locations in central London. The Ukraine Church in Mayfair and St Peter's Primary school in Belgravia will be hosting fitness classes available to everyone. Our aim is to unite the local communities by organising fun, Grosvenorsociable fitness classes with genuine health benefits for all levels of ability.The fitness & pilates classes are run by qualified and experienced trainers from White Room Fitness for only £5 a class. Book your place in a class now.


Welcome to White Room Fitness in the Community
We are passionate about how we improve our clients’ health through skilled, structured fitness programmes, and we are now taking this passion beyond our gym to designated community spaces in Belgravia and Mayfair. See how you can take part in our project to build a healthier, happier, more confident, energetic and productive Community. Join our Fitness in the Community classes in Belgravia & Mayfair - see how we can improve your health & quality of life in a professional, friendly environment.
Regular classes during the week operate at each location, timed conveniently after working hours. SEE FULL SCHEDULE OF CLASSES
Do not let stress, age, pressure, or lethargy get in the way; the cost will not – at £5 per class it is virtually free.

Exercise is for Everyone
Very few people take enough exercise, some take none at all. Pressures at home and at work often make it a low priority. But it should be the most important and at the top of your list - this is your life and your health, and you only get one go at it. Try it, and you will be surprised how much better you feel, how much more energy you have and usually how much better you sleep. Your work improves and you enjoy life more. Our classes will have people with a complete of mixture of fitness, ability and age – be part of it and join in. You will be made to feel welcome and given stacks of encouragement. You will also make friends. Once you get going, there will be no stopping you.   

When – Classes will operate from 03 October onwards
Our Fitness and Pilates classes take place indoors in early evening after work. The times are specially designed so that you can participate without disrupting your normal working day. They operate on a regular pattern on week days. Classes take 45 minutes; they are focused and designed to get the maximum out of you, but we do understand that most people are not super athletes, and we will help you every step of the way. See our outline timetable below.


St Peter's school, Lower Belgrave St, London SW1W 0NL  See Google Map

Ukraine Church, Duke St, Mayfair, London W1K 5BQ  See Google Map

Cost - £5 per class
As we said, it is virtually free. 

You must book and pay in advance on our ever so simple online booking system. Purchase 1x introduction & thereafter 5x or 10x classes at a time.


More Information: Fitness in the Community classes

Fitness Classes - more...

These are designed to give your body a full work out by engaging all the main muscle groups, encouraging you to maximise your cardio output, increase your core strength and to improve your balance and flexibility. A typical session will include:
1. A variety of warm up exercises
2. A series of exercises to increase your heart rate and test your cardio
3. Strength and Conditioning programmes which help to build muscle, burn fat and boost metabolism – an important process for weight reduction.
4. A focused period to work your core to strengthen abdominal and back muscles, and thus improve posture and reduce back pains
5. We finish with a series of stretches to help fatigued or stiff parts of the body plus increase mobility and flexibility.  
6. Participants will burn 200-600 calories

Clients of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. We know when to push people and when not to, and when to give a helping hand. And by the way we know when to have fun. Enjoy.

Pilates Classes - more...

A typical Pilates class will start with a number of exercises aimed to release muscle tension, very important to insure the body is ready to move without compressing joints or compounding muscle tightness.
Participants will then be challenged into stabilising and/or articulating, working the deepest layers of our core through exercises and variations of the Pilates repertoire, from basic to advanced level. Each class may have a different focus but all will gradually improve posture, flexibility and balance. As Pilates requires concentration, your body and mind will reconnect leaving you refreshed and energised.

Aimed to a mixed ability group, the teacher will give variations to most exercises insuring the experienced participant and the novice get equally challenged.

Timetable - more...

From 03 October weekly programme
Day   St Peter's School   Ukraine Church

Mon                                6.00pm fitness

Wed    6.00pm fitness        6.00pm pilates



Cancel or Change Bookings - more...

You can cancel or change a booking with no charge for a class on-line, provided you give us a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. A day or so more would be helpful if you know you cannot make it, because we keep a waiting list, and someone else might want your space.

What to Bring - more...

Dress in whatever you are comfortable training in. Do not worry about fancy gear; the important thing is to come along and feel the benefit. There are no changing facilities. You should bring a small bottle of water to stay hydrated, and if you think you need one, take a towel along. We provide mats for both Fitness and Pilates classes. 

Minimum Numbers - more...

For Classes to be both enjoyable and sustainable, a minimum number of participants is necessary. Consequently should the number of participants booked for any Class be 2 or less it will normally be cancelled. We shall automatically re-credit the £5 charge to those affected, and endeavour to make notification the day before to avoid inconvenience.