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Body Change

Our Body Change Programme is ideal for anyone who has forgotten how it feels to be fit. Work, children, travel, pressure on time have all conspired.

Let's face it, you have let things slide. But whatever your age, it is never too late.

You could be 25, you could be 75 – now is the time to change.

Recover energy, shape and strength.

This is designed for anyone beginning or resuming exercise either as a novice or an athlete. This is often when White Room Fitness are first introduced to you – when you are at your worst. A few years back you got a niggle in the knee and there was never time to get it sorted. You used to kick a football about, but that was 20 years ago and you cannot remember the last time you ran up the stairs or walked rather than take a taxi. You used to be slim and play tennis, then kids came along.

You have gained weight. You get back ache. You have got bad habits. It is time to do something about it.

Our aim is to make you recover as quickly as possible the strength, stamina and energy that you have lost. We will encourage you to be physically and mentally the best you can be and change how you think and feel about exercise - indeed to make exercise fun and a natural part of your routine.

We start with a White Room assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and talk openly about your goals and how to achieve them. Then we get to work – both of us. After 18 sessions you will see a noticeable change in your appearance and energy levels. Together we have built a solid base on which to build – things can only get better.

Weight loss

If weight loss is your goal, then White Room can help you achieve it. By integrating intelligent training whilst educating on the weight benefits of good nutrition, weight loss struggles can be a thing of the past.

Pre / Post Pregnancy

After pregnancy, post natal training is very important for getting your desired shape and strength back; our instructors will ensure you reach your target with intelligent, progressive training.

Body sculpting

After a consultation with one of our trainers, a personalised plan will be devised to meet your goals. For body sculpting, resistance training, cardiovascular and core training are all essential, and White Room Fitness will help you reach your target body shape.

Posture and flexibility

Using the devised core training and stretching exercise, posture and flexibility will be dramatically improved, making everyday activities easier and making those aches and pains a thing of the past.

5k and 10k running

Whether 5k or 10k is your target, White Room Fitness has a wealth of experience in devising programmes for these running distances. And if an event is a target, we will get you ready for race day and help you achieve your personal best.

Anti aging

Aging is a natural process, however the benefits of exercising can massively delay this process. Increasing bone density, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure whilst getting fitter are just a few of the benefits you will achieve when training at the White Room.

Core strength

Building a strong core is more than having a flat stomach. Having core strength can keep back injuries away and increase performance by having a strong structure. Of course fat reduction plus core exercises will result in more defined abdominals, but the main function of core training on the body change programme will be the improvement of your sporting performance and your ability to complete everyday activities better.

Strength and conditioning plus flexibility

Using intelligent resistance training, we condition the body and muscles to be stronger and to gain flexibility through using a full range of movement and specific stretches tailored to your needs and to target any areas of particular stiffness.


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