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Injury Rehab

We believe that whether you participate in a serious sport or want to exercise to the best of your ability, the only true way to achieve excellence is by being consistent week after week, and year after year.

It is not always the best athlete who wins gold, but the athlete who has trained consistently and without injury. We don’t just fix you, we set you up for life.

Rehab your injury & reset your training

Physical fitness is for life and is achieved by doing the correct form of exercise and understanding when your body can be pushed, and importantly when it needs rest - achieving the correct balance is the hard part. That’s where we can help. Our training courses show you how to attain the correct balance and keep you injury free so you can enjoy your training and achieve your goals.

Injuries are frustrating. For active sports enthusiasts, they often occur just as everything seems to be going really well. Busy people with time pressures also often come to us because they have ignored a troublesome disability that has become a chronic fact of life.

White Room Fitness can break this downward spiral. The first and most important thing is to have the correct diagnosis as quickly as possible. This will save time and money, and help you to recover fast.

The White Room Fitness rehabilitation course will help you get back to peak physical fitness. This course is recommended for sports injuries, repetitive strains, over training syndrome, muscle strains, tears and even breaks. Pilates and specialist Physiotherapy can also be an integral part in resetting your movements and improving posture.

Bio mechanical analysis

By studying the way you move and perform exercises, small changes can be made to make you function correctly after injury, and areas of weakness are identified and strengthened.

Core conditioning

Strengthening the 'core muscles' of the abdominals, glutes and lower back muscles is one of the best ways to rehabilitate injures and keep them away. In later life the lower back becomes a problem area, keeping the core strong will mean that won’t become a problem.


By using a full range of motion with resistance exercises and following a personally devised stretching programme, tight muscles and aches due to poor flexibility can be a thing of the past, whilst improving posture at the same time.

Recovery monitoring

An important part of any injury rehab programme is monitoring the injury and to see how it is progressing, After a few sessions the results will be looked at and your progress will give you much encouragement.

Dietary advice

After consulting with a White Room personal trainer, a sensible, achievable eating plan will be devised just for you that will give you extra energy and provide you with the platform to achieve your goals.

Injury prevention advice

After consulting with a White Room trainer, detailed advice is given along with the rehabilitation exercises to make sure injuries are kept away and existing injuries are rehabilitated and full functionality is restored.

Strength and conditioning plus flexibility

Using intelligent resistance training, we condition the body and muscles to be stronger and to gain flexibility through using a full range of movement and specific stretches tailored to your needs and to target any areas of particular stiffness.


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