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The Wattbike has revolutionised indoor cycling. With scientific accuracy, a great ride feel and fully adjustable setup, it is the most advanced indoor training bike in the world.

The unique resistance system offers you the most realistic feeling ride of any indoor bike. Used by elite athletes around the world for Cycling, Triathlon, Rugby, Athletics, Formula One, Football, Rowing and Skiing, the Wattbike is the ultimate training tool.


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Improve your performance

Not everyone has the capacity to win the Tour de France, but, regardless of your ability, training on the Wattbike allows you to identify and improve your power, speed, fitness and technique to ensure that you are getting the best out of your own physiology. Training using power, heart rate and cadence allows you to exercise at exactly the right intensity for maximum improvement, and pick up the first signs of over-training, under-recovery or illness.

The Wattbike rides like a real bike with a fully adjustable setup, ensuring you can reproduce the exact dimensions of your own bike. Using a combination of air and magnetic resistance you can replicate any specific gear ratio, and when you stop pedaling the Wattbike, it freewheels, giving you the authentic feel of riding a bike.

By following a structured training programme at White Room Fitness, it is possible to reduce training time yet improve performance - especially important for those who have busy schedules or anyone training for multi-sport events.