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Our Trainers

We are rightly proud of our personal trainers. As a team they constitute the most important aspect of our private gym, and whether a client trains exclusively with a single trainer or with a combination of them, all work together to ensure that our clients get the most focused and suitable exercise programme possible. Apart from a long list of qualifications, they are all certified as a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) which White Room Fitness regards as the gold standard of personal training skills.


Silvia is profoundly amazed by human nature and movement. Her interest in various disciplines - classical ballet, gymnastics, Capoeira and functional training amongst others - made her realize how essential Pilates is to strengthen body awareness and discover one’s full potential. She teaches Pilates as a universal language to maintain a strong brain to muscle communication at every life stage. So during her sessions expect your body to be more 'talkative' than ever, and be ready to listen to what it has to say! She will support you to stay aware, move safely and efficiently.

Silvia qualified as a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher at Body Art Science International Pilates (BASI) and expanded her repertoire to the use of Reformer equipment as well as mat work. Her technique aims to help restore body awareness by performing small, precise and highly effective movements. Silvia’s sessions challenge your mind to focus on every inch of your body, and she will welcome you with a huge Italian smile and positive energy.


Silvio is an Elite Movement Specialist with many years of experience in the fitness industry. His passion for anatomy and physiology started early when as a teenager he had to deal with an acute tendinopathy triggered by playing football. During the injury rehabilitation process he was prescribed a gym based protocol that lead him to fall in love with fitness and the science behind it. After becoming a personal trainer Silvio took multiple qualifications to improve his training knowledge and practical skills: Pre and Post Natal Exercise, Boxercise and Functional Training just to name a few. More recently, Silvio has qualified as a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist and this additional knowledge base allows him to confidently work with clients with various muscle imbalances and soft tissue injuries.

Expect intense, varied, enjoyable and knowledge based sessions that will deliver results. Silvio will help to increase your strength, lose weight, tone, speed up recovery from an injury and work on possible imbalances and postural issues. 


Originally from Sardinia, Alessandra has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and has been working with clients of all ages and abilities. She has always been passionate about health, fitness and nutrition and played volleyball for many years since a young age.
She is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and specialises in strength & conditioning training with particular exercises designed for golfers, runners and tennis players, as well as body re-composition and injury rehab. With increasing demand for weight loss sustained by proper long term management, Alessandra is able to introduce clients to genuine evidence based nutritional advice due to her qualification in Sports & Exercise Nutrition. Throughout her career Alessandra has helped many clients to improve their quality of life by creating healthy and sustainable habits, implementing lifestyle changes and nutritional guidance to achieve optimal results.
Alessandra is totally client oriented. She believes that by paying close attention to their needs and individual characteristics, she can be supportive and ultimately motivate them to be positive and able to achieve their goals. She takes great satisfaction in seeing her clients progress, and get healthier & stronger. 


John has over 8 years of experience in the fitness industry working with clients of all different ages & abilities, to achieve the best results for a range of goals from half-ironman triathlons, to rehab from major injury, to female toning.

A recent student of ELDOA to improve spine & back issues, he is also a certified FRCms - a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist. John pays close attention to quality of movement & injury prevention as key building blocks for long term improvement in fitness & shape. With meticulous planning he will improve strength & stamina, and give nutritional advice for weight loss & Transformation programs. He has coached many clients to personal bests in triathlons, marathons & tough mudders.

With a friendly and personable approach, coupled with a military background, you can expect only the very best attention to detail, dedication and motivation. Interesting, varied and focused sessions coupled with enormous encouragement will ensure you get the maximum fitness benefits.


Ophelie offers professional sessions tailored to your goals to achieve toning, strength, stamina and weight loss. Her aim is to build a better you with a programme that is progressive and will achieve long lasting results. Her coaching is structured and backed by evidence-based science to gain optimum benefits. 

Healthy habits are vital to build solid muscle mass, lose fat and tone, but along the way Ophelia will ensure that most importantly your sessions will be varied and fun with a combination of mobility, toning and stretching.

Ophelie grew up in Brittany, France where she pursued athletics and competed at a high level in the high jump. In particular she specialises in core strength which helps to provide the building blocks for not only a toned stomach but all forms of exercise and fitness. She also believes in the power of strength training for both men and women and the benefits that it brings to improve posture and self-confidence, as well as its mental rewards.


Sasha’s passion is in the health and wellness industry. He has a wealth of experience as a Personal Trainer with over 10 years in the industry. He understands what it takes to get his clients not only looking but feeling their absolute best. He is very meticulous on form. Expect his sessions to be tough, varied and balanced with a lot of focus on both mobility and strength. Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle is something he advocates to all his clients. His combined skills in nutrition, strength & conditioning and sports psychology will ensure both physical progress and mental motivation are optimised.  

Sasha comes from a very sporty background, having previously been a tennis coach and captaining his University Football first XI. He holds a Personal Training Diploma, a Level 4 Certificate in Strength & Conditioning, an Advanced Certification in Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Psychology, which he adopts to his training philosophy.