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Countdown-Part 3: our new training areas

Saturday 22 June: We will re-open soon
Every client will be allocated a separate area in which to workout with their White Room Fitness personal trainer.

Today have a look at Area 3 -
This comprises of the whole area of our lower ground level. It is primarily a strength and conditioning section, but that does not mean that a few other exercises cannot be thrown in to get your heart pumping.
It includes the equipment highlighted below.

Strength & Functional Movement:
Technogym lat pulldown. Can be used to work all areas of the arms and shoulders plus mid/upper back.

Technogym leg press
. Strengthens quads, glutes, hamstrings and hips as well calf muscles.

Technogym leg extension. Targeted strengthening of the quads.

Technogym Olympic half rack. A variety of exercises possible to strengthen all areas of the body (whilst increasing core stability) such as deadlifts, barbell lifts, squats & lunges.

Technogym leg abductor: Targeted strengthening of lateral glutes and hips.

Dual cable training centre: Multiple planes of motion to perform many different strength building exercises such as cable crossovers, shoulder presses, pull-ups, & leg kickbacks, whilst improving core.

TRX: Suspension training that uses your bodyweight and gravity as resistance. Wide range of exercise possible. It may look simple, but can challenge the very fittest.

Free space: Mats, free weights, bands & stretching.

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