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Dynamic Pilates sessions

Our clients have the option of taking our Dynamic Reformer Pilates’ workouts, which are more intensive than the normal Pilates sessions since you will continuously use all the major muscles in your body and as a result use up more energy (calories) each time. You will train at an elevated heart rate which will improve your endurance and encourage your body to burn fat even when resting.

You will benefit from all the usual Pilates improvements of flexibility, improved posture and core strength but you will additionally gain the stamina benefits and fat loss mentioned above, as well as increased strength in all the targeted muscle groups.

Our Dynamic sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis in our private studio. With this kind of individual attention, we can ensure proper movement patterns, which are often difficult to monitor in a group class environment.

At the end of your session you will be taken through a protocol of total body lengthening to enhance flexibility and mobility.

Dynamic Pilates is not suitable for everyone; you may well need a series of classical Pilates’ sessions before you are able to embark upon this more intense version. The White Room Pilates Instructor will guide you through this process.