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Eldoa - improve joint function and mobility

The main areas of ELDOA level 3 include the joints of the periphery (rib cage, sternum, shoulder girdle and hip joint).

Having recently undergone this course I have developed a better understanding of the anatomy and functions of these areas and how the ELDOA postures offer a methodology specifically designed to improve joint function and mobility.

These postures are designed so that the client over time and with constant application has a better awareness and understanding of the biomechanics of their body, and is able to normalise function in tight areas – places which they may not have known were so blocked or stiff. Once you have seen the benefits of ELDOA and felt the release through these specific postures, you will feel a tremendous sense of connection to your body, in terms of proprioception and kinetic understanding.

You need to diligently carried out these postures daily, because the importance of following them through outside the gym is vital to build up this self-awareness. Through the constant practice of these postures one will develop increased blood flow, normalisation of muscle tone, greater posture, reduced pain and a sense of well-being.

During a one hour session of personal training with a client at our gym, I will often plan about 10 minutes of ELDOA as a highly beneficial part of their session.