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Relieve spinal and postural problems with ELDOA method

The ELDOA method is a way to normalise spinal function and improve posture, circulation and reduce back pain. The way this works is by creating space in the intervertebral discs by elongating the spine in a series of poses, but done in an anatomically correct way by using fascial tension. This is based on world renowned Osteopath Dr Guy Voyer's principles, who himself studied all of the top osteopaths in history to formulate his system. The poses of Eldoa are achieved through regulated sets of slow, gradual movements which require mental as well as physical concentration.

The benefits of ELDOA (a French acronym for longitudinal stretching with Osteo-articular de-coapitation) have proven to be of the utmost benefit to people ranging from desk bound office workers to elite level athletes. In addition the future suggests that with the amount of people glued to their smartphones, this will create a 'textneck' syndrome which could be a problem for many in the future.

A number of the very top sports teams across North America and the world have also seen the benefits of ELDOA, in terms of reducing pain, restoring function and relieving pressure around the joints. The creation of the added space around the vertebrae normalises the movement of the fluid throughout the tissues and helps to detoxify the cells.

Long term benefits
Through perseverance with the method you will create an improved relationship and deeper understanding of your body. As you age, gravity pulls you down and forward with poor spinal structure. With ELDOA, you can look to combat this at any age and alleviate pressure on the joints in the spine and pelvis, decrease arthritic conditions and increase calmness of the mind and body. If you want to avoid deterioration, my initial experience of studying ELDOA is that it may turn out to be one of the best tools I could have as a Personal Trainer to benefit my clients.