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White Room Fitness introduces Silvia - Pilates instructor

SILVIA CAPONERA – new White Room Pilates Instructor

Silvia is profoundly amazed by human nature and movement. Her interest in various disciplines - classical ballet, gymnastics, Capoeira and functional training amongst others - made her realize how essential Pilates is to strengthen body awareness and discover one’s full potential. She teaches Pilates as a universal language to maintain a strong brain to muscle communication at every life stage. So during her sessions expect your body to be more ‘talkative’ than ever, and be ready to listen to what it has to say! She will support you to stay aware, move safely and efficiently.

Silvia qualified as a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher at Body Art Science International Pilates (BASI) and expanded her repertoire to the use of Reformer equipment as well as mat work. Her technique aims to help restore body awareness by performing small, precise and highly effective movements. Silvia’s sessions challenge your mind to focus on every inch of your body, and she will welcome you with a huge Italian smile and positive energy. 

White Room schedules with Silvia
Silvia is available from 05 February to take one-to-one Pilates sessions each Tuesday and Thursday morning.

What is BASI?
The founder of BASI, Rael Isacowitz, devised the Block System - a unique and specialized ‘filing’ system for the hundreds of exercises in the Pilates repertoire. It categorizes them in a logical sequence and ensures the progressive structuring of sessions within a flexible framework. This system is the foundation of the BASI methodology. This enables the instructor to construct a session that is balanced, well-rounded and addresses all planes of movement and multiple muscle groups. In short, the Block System is a methodology for categorizing exercises and using them to structure routines.

SILVIA CAPONERA - additional skills and certification

The Mature or older Client
Growing old does not have to mean giving up an active lifestyle. Whether it’s continuing to play tennis, golf or simply playing with grandchildren, Pilates can help to keep the mature client active. The Course addressed the specific needs of this age group: musculoskeletal issues, diseases and other physical changes that are common in the older population. By applying the correct tools, appropriate exercises, and precautions, clients are safely guided through a session that will assist them in maintaining an active quality of life.

Pilates through pregnancy
This Course provides an in depth understanding of the process the mother-to-be goes through, and the physical changes that pregnancy brings. The 3 trimesters, the "Red Flag" conditions, exercise recommendations, modifications and assists were dealt with in detail. Hormonal changes, birthing and feeding the new born as well as post pregnancy training protocols are also addressed. Special attention is dedicated to Diastasis Recti’s definition (softening and separation of abdominal muscles), and how to treat it.

Pilates for pathologies and injuries - to be completed
This advanced education certificate course presents a Physical Therapy approach to working with clients who have injuries, physical limitations, or movement dysfunctions. Specific injuries and pathologies are examined and precautions and/or contraindications for these conditions, as well as exercise options and modifications to the original BASI Pilates repertoire are dealt with in detail.